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08-15-2011, 05:47 PM
Got this in my email today:

Supplement to the Draft EIS for the San Juan Plan Revision

Hello Interested Members of the Public--

Over the past couple of years I have periodically sent you updates regarding the status of the San Juan Plan Revision. As you may recall, the San Juan Public Land Center (SJPLC) published a Draft Land Management Plan and Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft LMP/EIS) in December 2007. I am writing today to inform you that on August 26, 2011 the Supplement to the Draft EIS for the San Juan Plan Revision will be available for public review and comment. I am also writing to inform you of the opportunity to attend open houses in September to learn more.

Background: During the public comment period for the Draft LMP/EIS, we received comments suggesting that our Reasonable Foreseeable Development (RFD) scenario for oil and gas development projections in the Paradox Basin were low because we did not consider the development potential of the Gothic Shale Gas Play (GSGP), a potential new shale gas play underlying portions of Montezuma and Dolores counties and small portions of La Plata and San Miguel counties. We also received comments on the Draft LMP/EIS suggesting that the type of air quality model we used in our analysis was inappropriate for the scale of the plan and that we had exceeded the capabilities of that particular model.

We considered all of this information, and through further technical evaluation, we determined that, 1) the GSGP was a high potential play that should be evaluated; and 2) a more detailed air quality model and analysis was needed and should include the new development projections for the GSGP area. We also determined that a Supplement to the Draft EIS was needed in order to incorporate this new information and analysis into the Draft LMP/EIS.

Hence, the two primary reasons for the Supplement to the Draft EIS are: 1) to update the shale gas development projections (i.e., number of wells, well pads, road miles, and acres of disturbance) and analysis of resource impacts associated with developing the GSGP area, and 2) to disclose the results from the recently completed air quality model based on the new development projections. Also, by publishing the Supplement, it provides the opportunity for public review and comment on this new information and analysis.

The Supplement to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (Draft EIS) for the San Juan Plan Revision will be available for review on August 26, 2011. Written comments will be accepted during the 45-day comment period (Aug. 26 -­ Oct. 11, 2011)

The Supplement & supporting documents (e.g., the revised Reasonable Foreseeable Development scenario and air quality technical support document) will be available online at http://ocs.fortlewis.edu/forestplan (http://ocs.fortlewis.edu/forestplan), or by contacting Elysia Retzlaff at emretzlaff@fs.fed.us (emretzlaff@fs.fed.us) or 970-385-1253 to request a hard copy or CD. Please note: a few months back we sent an email asking if you wanted to receive a hard copy or CD of the Supplement and many of you have already responded to that request. If you have already responded there is no need to request a copy again.

Additionally, we will be hosting open houses to provide an overview of the Supplement, explain how it relates to the Draft LMP/EIS and forthcoming Final LMP/EIS, and answer questions. We welcome you to attend an open house to learn more:
Thurs, Sept. 1: Norwood Community Center, 1670 Naturita St., Norwood
Wed, Sept. 7: Durango Public Library, 1900 E. 3rd Ave., Durango
Thurs, Sept. 8: Dove Creek Community Center, 225 W. 7th, Dove Creek
Wed, Sept. 14: Montezuma County Annex Building, 103 N. Chestnut St., Cortez
* All open houses will be held 6-8 pm

For more information visit: http://ocs.fortlewis.edu/forestplan (http://ocs.fortlewis.edu/forestplan) (but remember, the documents will not be posted until Aug. 26, 2011).

If you have questions about the Supplement, the open houses, or about the plan revision in general, please don't hesitate to call me @ 970-385-1229 or send me an email. I look forward to seeing those of you that live in the area at one of the open houses!


Shannon Manfredi
Plan Revision Team Lead
San Juan Public Lands
smanfredi@fs.fed.us (smanfredi@fs.fed.us)