View Full Version : Expo Comprehensive Vehicle Testing with Joe Bacal

08-16-2011, 01:45 PM
As this database grows it will be an interesting study IMO. I suspect the team will focus on more modern platforms, but the objective measurements combined with subjective notes will make for an interesting read.


The Expedition Portal team is excited to announce our newest initiative- comprehensive 4wd vehicle testing. Detailed performance review and evaluation of 4wds does not exist on the web and the reviews done in print lack sufficient detail and context (i.e., the same team tests sedans and their criteria favors road performance over 4wd performance).

We are also working hard on including HDV production with each evaluation, as a video can show so many aspects of performance that are difficult to understand in text.

We are also proud to have Joe Bacal involved with the testing team. Joe lives about an hour from the office and is a factory Lexus race driver and long-time Toyota test pilot. Joe worked for Toyota as the master test driver for 4wd vehicles. Joe and I worked several months developing the testing criteria and evaluation surfaces. Between Joe and I, we have worked as test pilots for Toyota, Lexus, Nissan, GM, Land Rover and Jeep. We used those OEM testing systems as the basis of our evaluation protocol.

For our first evaluation, we are launching with the 2011 Toyota Tacoma TXPro. This is a truck many of us are familiar with and use daily. Warning: This review is eight pages long and nearly 6,000 words. Please be sure to read the detailed testing methodology and scoring criteria.