View Full Version : lift your 80

08-21-2011, 01:49 PM
front and rear ome 50mm springs, control arms with caster bushings already installed (except one bushing), 5 255/85r16 tires with a little over a year on them (except the spare) mounted and balanced on blacked out fzj80 rims. will not seperate $1200 firm. three oh three 416.0362

what would be in an ome kit that's not included here: shocks and steering stabilizer - what else is recommended: longer brake lines, sway bar extensions.

ome kit (springs, bushings, shocks/stabilizer) runs $935 new
255/85r16 trxus run $211/ea new
used cruiser rims run $300/4
new = over $2300.

local pickup only