View Full Version : FJ40 Rear quarters - at rally

08-26-2011, 01:57 PM
I will have some '79-83 PACOL 'quarter panels' for sale at the rally. I use the term 'quarter panel' loosely - the right rear should be considered a 'patch panel' because the manufacturing tolerances are so poor that it is unusable (except on a softtop - and only then if you're feeling adventuresome).

The pair of driver's side quarter panels may be ok, but I didn't want to experiment any more on my truck, so I repaired my OEM fender. I will also have the rusty OEM right-rear fender from my truck, in case anyone needs it for parts.

So, this is all for sale, and I will explain all I can about fitment issues to anyone interested in these. Just a heads up, in case you see these poking out of the top of my trailer and wonder what they are.