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10-07-2011, 08:44 PM
:bowdown: Two 19" computer monitors. NEW, each of these were $400 - $600. They still work great. :thumb: I used them as a dual display. :cool: I got 24's last year. :)

In North Denver. Going to Craigslist tomorrow.

1. NEC LCD1970NX. DVI/VGA. USB 2.0 hub. A GREAT monitor. http://www.pcworld.com/product/300774/nec_multisync_lcd1970nx.html?p=review $65

"A large 19-inch TFT LCD monitor, the LCD1970NX from NEC incorporates quality design and the best of today's technology to deliver a display well-suited to home office and professional graphics uses alike. With its 1,280 x 1,024 maximum resolution and 0.294 mm dot pitch, on-screen images are detailed and accurate, while a 500:1 contrast ratio and 230 cd/m2 of brightness combine with over 16-million display colors to provide rich graphics and crisp text.

Wide-Angle Viewing
In conventional LCDs (top), liquid crystals stand on end, resulting in a narrow viewing angle. Wide-angle technology (bottom) lets light pass through the crystals at their most efficient orientation for a dramatically wider angle.
XtraView technology provides wide 176-degree horizontal and vertical viewing angles, an excellent range of visual clarity that allows you to see the screen from nearly anywhere in the room. Both analog and digital DVI signals are supported, allowing connection with standard or advanced graphics cards, while a built-in USB hub provides the means to conveniently connect peripherals. With a 25 ms response time (rise and fall), you can rest assured that motion video is reproduced with reasonable smoothness, and a video mode enhances contrast to provide a more dynamic and rich viewing experience.

Monitor settings are easy to adjust with the easy-to-use on-screen display menu, which features an auto-adjust function that automatically optimizes your display. The stylish thin frame makes this a good choice for multiple monitor setups, while the height adjustable stand lets you adjust monitor position to best fit your needs. A 16.2-by-8.7-inch footprint takes up much less space than a comparable CRT monitor, and VESA wall-mount compatibility allows you to free up your desktop for other uses. Compatible with both PC and Mac operating platforms, the LCD1970NX comes backed by a three-year limited warranty. "

2. SCEPTRE X9G Komodo II. DVI/VGA. USB 2.0 hub.
http://www.epinions.com/review/product-Monitors_Sceptre_X_9g_19_in_Display_X9G/content_160057560708 $55

The 19" Sceptre X9G-Komodo II* is a mid priced model in Sceptre’s line of affordably priced LCD monitors for home and office users. Most of the specs of this monitor are a step behind “state of the art”, but it should be noted that they’re only a step behind, making this $400-$450 monitor a good value. Sceptre lists these key specs and features:

- Image Brightness: 300 cd/m2 (typical)
- Image Contrast Ratio: 700:1
- Image Max Horizontal and Vertical View Angles: 170 degrees
- Two USB ports
- Optimum Resolution: 1280 x 1024 pixels at 75hz
- Power consumption 45 watts, 50 if USB ports are used
- Response time 25 milliseconds (10 rise, 15 fall) (3/5/05 update, Sceptre has apparently updated this monitor, as new models sport a 16ms response time)
- 15 pin analog video connector and DVI white connector (both cables included)
- Wt. 16.4 lbs, overall height 17”
- Speakers

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Make me an offer!

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Did you put them on Craigslist?

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Did you put them on Craigslist?

Yup. Terry made me an offer and the NEC is now his. The Sceptre is still available.

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SCEPTRE is still available.