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10-10-2011, 08:16 AM
Wednesday leaving the meeting Bonni called me to say she took Rachel to the ER, she was feeling like she had a base case of the flu. Rachel had heard Univesity of CO Hospital was the best and wanted to go there even though there were several closer.

We spent 32 hours in the Emergency Room where it was hours in between anyone checking in on her. When she was in pain and I went to get someone it was always "she isnt critical so we see her when we can". Most of the staff was rude like she was wasting their time. They said she had a bad virus and no white blood cells and was in a very dangerous condition. They technically admitted her to the emergency room but had no beds in the main hospital for her. They said she would be safer at home then in the ER in her condition and said they also needed the space she was taking up. So we took her home Friday at 1AM.

Yesterday she was much worse so we took her to Sky Ridge. It was like night and day. They treated her like she was a customer, not a nucience. Her white Blood count is High now. Norm is 10 and she has 17. They can't understand how it could have been 0 just 2 days ago. They also said she doesn't have a Virus, she has a bad case of pnemonia and admitted her. In less than two hours from when we walked in the door she was in a room. They provided constant attention and care the whole time she was in the ER.

Rachel will be fine, they have her on a series of anti-biotics and she will likely be there a few days.

It's amazing the level of care between the two hospitals. Not sure if they mis-daignosed her, but what a huge change in her condition in two days that they would be so widely different.

I told Bonni if I am in the Univ of CO Hospital parking lot and having a heart attack, please take me somewhere else.

Dr. Schlegs
10-10-2011, 08:23 AM
A high White Blood Cell count is bad. 17 is too high.

10-10-2011, 08:41 AM
A high White Blood Cell count is bad. 17 is too high.

Thats one of the things they are treating, but need to treat the pneumonia first. According to the other Hospital, it was 0 Thursday. Seems like a huge change, even the DR at Sky Ridge was skeptical, but Univ Hospital tested her twice.

Caribou Sandstorm
10-10-2011, 08:47 AM
Big differences between public and private facilities.

For ER visits, you will get the best care at a private hospital. Swedish is the best private in mid Denver.

Sky Ridge did not have the best reputation when it first openned.

Many new facilities seem better from a patient's perspective because they have all new equipment. But in fact these same facilities may have not perfected all their processes, as a more established facility.

My daughter had to go to Rose ER in early Sep. On a Sat. Afternoon, and was out of there in less then 2 hours.

It is also weather dependent, a full moon or weather change increase ER visits..

The U, would probably not be a bad place for a heart attack, as the 9th campus staff, well established, has moved over to the new campus.. Gun shot wound? Go to Denver Health or the U.

Couple more thoughts..
-Public facilities like Denver Health and the U, are teaching facilities, that can mean higher risk for the patient under some circumstances...
Most ER physicians belong to one group or are covered under one group hired by the state or city...Why? Colorado has a Government amunity law, basically covering the physician in case of mal practice, the patient can only sue for 150k max, per person..

Remember the big bus accident, when Romer (not you Ken, right?) was governor..It was established then or amended then, can't remember.

Ok a few more thougths..My reccomendations after 16 years of calling on Hospitals in Colorado..

-Have your babies at St. Joe's or Rose if in Denver, The best obgyn in Denver is Bob Wester
-Have your radiology diagnostic studies or ER visits at Swedish, second would be Rose, Matt Fleishman is the best Radiologist in Denver,
-If in CO Spgs Have your images taken at Memorial health, read by Warren Goldstein, he is arguably the best in southern Colorado
-Avoid public facilities for ER visits, when possible
-When on the Western slope, Montrose and St. Mary's in GJ are tops..
-When in Durango, Mercy is great.
-Northern Colorado, visit BannerHealth facilities when possible.
-Boulder Medical has some world class physicians
-Poudre is also decent
-for Peds..You can't beat Children's, it is ranked #5 in the country. One of the most buttoned up facilities I have ever seen.

Hope this is helpful:)

10-10-2011, 09:35 AM
my mom lived in warsaw mo. and was diagnosed with cancer on her liver which came from they think, breast cancer that she had about 3 years ago. any way my aunt did somr research and found that u of colo/ anshuts was one of the better hospitals for cancer in the denver area,my mom really likes the care that she has been given there and her doctor. we have had to take her to the er. a few times and romer is right, they took forever and didn't seem to care at all, i did't like that and it really pissed me off! this all happend in early march and my mom is doing much much better know. for what it is worth i my self would not go there.

Dr. Schlegs
10-10-2011, 09:47 AM
People on Chemo have WBC counts of 0. Due to the Chemo treatment attacking all things good and bad.

I personally don't like the U. But from being in the medical field I can tell you all Hospitals play games.

10-10-2011, 10:05 AM
remember - for profit = business. all businesses have culture. some bad, some good. Personally - i have a issues for the GEM space, that being government, educational, medical from a business perspective.

Honestly, in hospitals, I find the best "service" to either be pure non-profit, ie kaiser, or sectarian based.

Shark Bait
10-10-2011, 10:25 AM
Glad to hear Rachel is OK.

My dad, who is a retired physician, always told me to go to SkyRidge or Swedish over Parker Adventist.

10-10-2011, 11:05 AM
university of colorado has some great oncologists and leading edge treatments for things like advanced melanoma etc

kind of goes with the territory of being a research institution I think

swedish imaging is awesome, expensive, but the best there is here.
and one of the best neuro-oncologists around, that's such a specialized-specialty anyway, 'best' of 'an extreme few' is relative I suppose.

ER's are hit and miss virtually anywhere, we've had our fair share of ER visits and it's good and bad anywhere we've been.

But as it relates to CU if you've got an advanced stage of X-oma you'll be glad CU is there

10-10-2011, 04:10 PM
I am sure Univ Hospital has some great technologies that make it stand out. They also get a lot of indegent people in the ER (the waiting room was packed) That likely added to the environment.

The ER at Sky Ridge treated Rachel like a customer and it was the attitude that most stood out. Course, not a lot of indigent near Lone Tree like East Colfax.

They had to put her on Blood Thinners today, her IV was clotting. Thanks for the good wishes on her condition. We are hoping this doesnt turn into something more serious.

10-10-2011, 04:40 PM
Holy cow Ken, I hope she gets better!!!!!! Tell her we are thinking about her!

Air Randy
10-10-2011, 04:41 PM
In my experience as a cop and EMT, Swedish had the best level III trauma center around. When I was involved with the transport of the patient I would many times work side by side with the ER staff on critical patients, so I make my judgement and comparison on that basis.

UC being a teaching hospital means you could have gotten an inexperienced doctor/intern in-training. I saw the ER nurses over rule many of the green interns numerous times in order to save lives. Scary, but I saw it many times first hand.

10-10-2011, 05:00 PM
Romer, tell Rachel that Amber and I are thinking of her and hope she gets well soon!!

Very good to know...when I lived in SE Denver I used Porter's ER a couple of times with no issues...and we had to take Ty to the Rose ER once and they were awesome...Rose in general was great for both boys...

10-10-2011, 05:25 PM
Ken, that's some scary stuff. I'm glad Rachel is receiving good care now. FWIW, we had both kids, plus several emergency room visits, at Littleton Adventist Hospital. We always thought they did a good job.

10-10-2011, 09:36 PM
They also get a lot of indegent people in the ER (the waiting room was packed) That likely added to the environment.

This is the bottom line right here. DHMC and University are the indigent care hospitals, so their ERs are often packed. I would never go to those hospitals for emergency care, unless you have a gunshot or serious knife wound. DHMC is hands down the best for that.

FYI, arriving by ambulance jumps you to the head of the list...you go right into a room that way.

I hope Rachel is feeling better and healing fast. The body can do some scary stuff sometimes.