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10-11-2011, 02:19 PM
Carbon Fiber and Titanium BMX parts are getting expensive so I need to get some $$$ and would hate to have to work!

Local delivery would not be a problem. Not in the Springs/Pueblo area would be more $$ depending on where you are. Denver area not a problem either but would have to be coordinated around the BMX racing up there. I am in Pueblo West.

If you need pics and there aren't any linked, PM me an email and I will send you some.

Prices can be adjusted up or down depending on who you are. LOL Some of this pricing is CLC/ Rising Sun members only and may be temporary for this week only. And of course make an offer if you want.

2 complete front 4:56, SRW, kingpin dana 60's out of M1008 military trucks. One has lockout hubs, the other doesn't. $700 with hubs, $600 w/o. Matching rear Corp 14 available for more $$.

1 Ford SRW HP balljoint dana 60 4:10. I think it is missing the lockouts. $700

If you need any NEW GM dana 60 front axle parts, let me know. I probably have it.

4 38.5 X 14.5 X 15" Super Swamper TSL SX's mounted on 10" wide (although the DIY's make them more like 11 or 12") D hole black 6 bolt modular wheels with Rockstomper DIY beadlocks on the outside only. Backspacing is about 3.75". The tires have trail rash and I would guess the amount of tread left at "about" 70%. $700

1 bare fj40 axle housing (all tabs, perches, everything cut and ground off), 1 bare fj40 rear housing (all perches etc still on it), and 2 fj40 bare 3rd members (no bearings, caps, gears, anything other than the housing) $100 obo for all. I may have more front housings also.

64fj40 transfer case with the vacum shift $200

2- New, but mounted Super Swamper Radials. 37x12.5x16.5's mounted on some generic 8 hole steel wheels. $200 These have never been ran on a vehicle, only mounted on rims.

Rebuilt 2wd SM465. Was built years ago by a guy in the Springs that did all my manual trannsmissions. Hasn't been ran or installed since. $200 Might also have a rebuilt 4wd one.

Several used, greasy, nasty, dirty SM465/NP205 combos. $150

Several 12 bolt 8 lug H1 military wheels. Most have all the bolts and nuts, I would replace the Orings on all of them. $50 a piece. Better price if you buy all. (14 or so)

GM T350/NP203 out of a 70's ish blazer. $200

I will be selling/parting/ crushing 2 fj40's soon.
The 78 is pretty rusty, has a top but it has 2 "custom" sun roofs, I will be pulling the Chevy engine, tranny and NP205. The front axle is pretty much bare, the rear is out of a Toyota truck. I have never ran the title on this one, but could run it and get a good title if someone wanted the fj40 as it sits for a project. (my goal for this one was to buggify it) It would not make a good daily driver or anything but a dedicated trail rig. $400 is about what it will bring at the crusher in the next week or so if it doen't go away soon. If you need parts, let me know.

The 64fj40 also started life with me as a buggy project. No engine, tranny, or t-case. Somewhat rusty in the floor area. The original top is on it, as is the windshield frame with the vent. I have the original front seat that has been recovered and could be used as is or redone again. I have a title for it, but will never be able to get it straightened out (the PO's are all in prison and/or dead). I will part it out or sell it whole for $400. Once again, that is about what the crusher will pay for it. I will pull the top and windshield frame and sell them seperately later if it doesn't sell quick.

I can get pics of the fj40's, but it may take a few days.

Also have a set of 1985 toyota truck axles. No lockout hubs, front maybe missing one caliper but I should have one somewhere. $200

10-11-2011, 02:31 PM
I have a title for it, but will never be able to get it straightened out (the PO's are all in prison and/or dead).

Bubba out of jail. Bubba want his FJ40 back. Who got it now? Some dude in Centennial, Colorado? :mad: Gonna go stomp his head an' get my Cruiser back.

10-11-2011, 02:37 PM
Don, I wish I needed a bunch of parts! Good luck with the purging!

Matt, that's too funny :lmao: :thumb:

10-11-2011, 03:56 PM
If Bubba is alive, he will never get out of jail!

10-11-2011, 04:24 PM
I have interest in the 40's can you email pics to rlmotorsports@hotmail.com


10-12-2011, 08:51 AM
I'll take the Dana60 without hubs granted its in pretty good shape? Can you email me pictures and the BOM? utleyz@gmail.com

10-12-2011, 09:57 AM

I should be able to get pics today or tomorrow of both of them. But they might already be spoken for.


I will email you pics of them and the BOM shortly.


10-12-2011, 12:26 PM
Email sent