View Full Version : wheeling around Johnstown area?

11-01-2011, 07:59 AM
Hey guys, I'm a member of the Colorado Land cruisers and normally wheel the southern Colorado area. My parents live up in Milliken/ Johnstown area and I'm headed up there to visit this weekend. Seems like I only have time to ever visit in the winter and all the trails are always closed up there. Anyone know any good trails that are open in that area? I know the Iron Clads are always open, and I think Storm Sountain is open, but I get burned out on those. My wife and mom always seem to go shopping, and I'd rather go wheeling instead ;)

Suggestions? directions? Anyone wanna go?

Uncle Ben
11-01-2011, 08:09 AM
The gates on Moody and Crystal mountain are most likely still open until after hunting season or huge snows close them. You could also do Left Hand area and Bunce Road probably has some snow but open.

11-01-2011, 09:01 PM
A couple of us are heading up to 7 Mile Creek as a pre-run on Saturday. Probably leaving Fort Collins around 9AM. PM me here or on Mud if you like to join us. :thumb:

11-01-2011, 11:20 PM
Middle St. Vrain is a fun run that is really close to that area. However, the snow may have already gotten' the better of it.

The Boulder Ranger station will know whats still open and whats been shut down.

11-06-2011, 08:48 AM
Thanks for the invite. Ended up bringing the wifes jeep so I won't be hitting any snow trails. Weather showed a snow storm and I didn't want to get caught on I 25 with dual lock rites and 37's. Need to get a selectable front locker =) as a bonus, I got to swing by HRO and pick up a new yeasu 1900R radio and 5/8 whip! Yeah! Lol. Tired of trying to hear my HT while rolling down the road...