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07-03-2006, 11:01 PM
Well it happened today. First of all I got my new seatbelts installed! :thumb: No pics cause my camera's batteries are dead, but just like everything it seems this was a big fiasco. Started out good, pulled up to the hardware store in Golden and this guy asks me what year my Cruiser is...got to talking with him and out of the blue he offers his OEM belts that were $180 per side new for $50 a side...they were still in the box, with the original receipt, instructions everything. I couldn't figure out how he knew I needed belts, but I went and looked at them and got them Friday. They are kinda strange, the retractor is part of the lap belt, and the shoulder is a separate piece that locks into the lap belt, I'll post up pics tomorrow. They were made by Tazaki or something for Toyota for Land Cruisers, they have the TEQ on them and all, but they aren't what came with the trucks, but I think with a little getting used to they'll be okay, at any rate they're safer than what I had.

Anyway I thought the mounting bolts were a M12 x 1.25 because they were bigger than the M10 x 1.25 but had a fine thread. So I spent two hours Friday afternoon (after 5 even) running around trying to find a tap. Didn't get one and went down to the Crestone group for an overnighter, and Monday morning tried again. Went to AAA Metric and found out that it's actually a M11 x 1.25, which is basically a 7/16-20, so I ended up borrowing a tap and getting them installed in pretty short order:thumb:

Had to relocate my HiLift, and this is where the story gets fun: I went to town to get hardware to secure it, and deliberately left my bikini top and soft doors at home.;) So I had to spend about a 1/2 hour in the hardware store just to get a combo of hardware that would work, and when I came out the rain had come in out of nowhere and it was torrential. So in about 5 seconds I was completely soaked in a tshirt and jeans and had to drive for about 15 minutes to get home.:hill: So when I got home it was like I had just jumped into a river, so I think that in addition to driving topless in the snow means I've earned the right of ownership:p: Either that or I'm just crazy:D

Also found out that my speedo cable isn't turning, so either the cable broke or the gear is stripped, but I have to dig into my t-case soon anyway to fix my ebrake so that'll be fun as long as the ebrake rebuild/t-case speedy sleeving goes well...