View Full Version : '93 4Runner $2000, trade, obo

01-31-2012, 08:22 PM
>175k MI, 5 speed, 4x4, 6cylinder, sunroof, leather
This truck drives perfectly; Iíve owned it since 2006. I replaced the head gasket at around 148k before it had a chance to blow (these are notorious for blowing head gaskets around 150k mi). That same trip to the mechanic, I had the transfer case worked on and the shift-on-fly 4wheel drive works well, especially during the winter. Within the last 30k mi Iíve also had the clutch replaced.

Iím selling it because Iím at a crossroads, where a few things need to be fixed and instead of spending the money Iíd like to invest in something a little more luxurious.
Things that need to be Fixed:
-I blew a tire last week so its running on 3 Pro-Comp 32Ē(great condition) tires and one full size spare
-I also broke the spare tire carrier so the blown tire is just riding in the back instead of underneath the vehicle
-The body is starting to get pretty rusty, especially around the wheel wells and door-bottoms. The worst of which is a hole near the bottom of the rear passenger-door that's a little bigger than your fist.
-The tailpipe is missingÖ not too sure where I lost it but Iím pretty sure it needs to be fixed to pass emissions
-Drivers side mirror is cracked and driverís seat tore
-Headlight is out but I have the replacement bulb for it
Iím open to all offers, and Iím willing to consider a trade
Asking $2000 OBO
Call or text Alfred J. 720-206-4752