View Full Version : FJ40 for sale in C.S.

02-03-2012, 09:03 AM
No affiliation. Just thought that since I want this cruiser so bad, maybe someone else was looking for one too. Yeah, it's got a Chevy V8, and a Chevy 5speed, but hey, who doesn't want to be able to run 75 down the interstate? :D The conversion is done very well, and the cruiser has barely any rust... and that's the original paint. Interior is very clean, rear seats have had new brackets made to turn them forward, looks like it unbolts to go back to facing inward. I think this is a '75?

It's sitting on a car lot here in Colorado Springs, thought I would post it before it ends up with someone who doesn't care about it's heritage and beats it up on a ranch or something.

Price used to say 10K, Which I thought was very fair, but they took that of the windshield. Maybe you could throw 8,500 at him. Let me know and I can get info for you.

I told the two fellows standing there that I remember the price being 10K, and the look on their faces was priceless, I think they were thinking more like 4K... :lmao: