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02-16-2012, 02:31 PM
Hey, I know, I don't name these things... The Rocky Mountain Cluster is a group of various dog clubs putting on a major dog show this weekend.

My wife will be showing her champion female, and will be showing her male puppy for the first time.. so I guess my weekend is going to the DOGS! :lmao:

Really though, it is about the most fun you can have for $5 if you love dogs. lots to see and do. From Lise:

FYI...this weekend there is a big dog show at the National Western
Stock Show Complex. Over 2,000 dogs -- conformation, agility,
obedience and lots of vendors, exhibits and fun. The wheatens have a
decent entry of 15 dogs. We will be showing at 8 am (ring 18) on
Saturday; at 12:30 pm (ring 8) on Sunday; and at 11:30 am on Monday
(ring 11). The Wheaten Terriers will be in the ring for only about 20 minutes, so you will want to get there early to find parking and get your

Admission is only $5 and there is lots to see and do!! It will be
Beau's first show. Send prayers!

Hugs and kisses to the furr-kids,

Go to http://www.onofrio.com/jp/PLUM1JP.pdf