View Full Version : Mini truck IFS front and V6 rear 4.56s

Tommy the Cat
02-22-2012, 12:00 PM
So I'm finally installing some 4.88s in my hoopty and will be pulling the 4.56s out. They are factory units that came with my '90 and have a bunch of miles but are in excellent condition. I locked them several years ago and set the backlash and preload a little tighter to make them a little more reliable and inspected all the bearings. Everything was great so I threw some seals and synthetic gear oil in. I have complete confidence in these and I will reinspect when I pull them out and remove the lockers for my new thirds.

The front is non-ADD and the rear doesn't have the ABS sensor hole. There are no leaks and if you hurry you can test them before I pull them. I will be keeping the lockers and putting the spider and side gears back in, though.

How does $325 for the pair sound? I would rather not separate.


Tommy the Cat
02-27-2012, 01:09 PM
These are now out and look as good as they did when I locked them way back when. I have not reassembled them yet and I would be happy to install lockers in them for whomever buys them at no charge if you supply the lockers. Otherwise I will set them up open.

Price is negotiable, of course.;)