View Full Version : Hydro Assist with Toyota Steering Box....$200

03-06-2012, 01:55 AM
I'm going to full hydro on my rig, so my complete Hydro-Assist setup is available (no pump). This is the IFS steering box, tapped in the correct spots with the hoses to attach the ram. Also included is the Ram, which is a 6" travel one from Surplus Center. Its ready to hook up to your modified Toyota pump, or even better to a PSC TC Pump.

Here are some pictures...




I'm asking $200 for everything in the pictures. That includes the Ram ($85 new), Hoses ($90 new because of the flex joints for the ram), the steering box, and I'll throw in the tube clamp. Tube clamp isn't pretty and will probably need longer bolts or to be redrilled up one size, but its still very usable. I'll give you the tie rod and TRE's if you want them, but the Tie rod has a bend in it and the TRE's are fairly worn too.

If you have a Toyota, all you really need to do to install this is upgrade the pump (just drill a restrictor out which is a 2 minute job) weld a mount for the ram onto your axle, and just make sure everything lines up and the hoses are routed safely. I would recommend an upgraded pump, but it did allright with the modded Toyota one. I would also add a steering cooler, but that is easy to do. I found mine at the Junkyard for $10 or something.

This kit would work great for a Samurai or similar to upgrade to Toyota stuff. Also work great for any solid axle Toyota. The 6" ram doesn't really work for Dana axled vehicles, as it will likely limit travel.

I guess I can ship stuff, but prefer a local pickup. I'm free in the evenings for the next few weeks, but am working during the day 7 days a week for a while. Parts are currently at the Club Workshop, which is near 8th and I-25. I'd be willing to meet partway for C-springs or FTC people, but it will have to be after 6pm.

Shoot me a PM or email if you are interested and we'll figure something out.


josh dot hallenbeck at gmail dot com