View Full Version : M35 6x6 Deuce and a half for sale/trade

03-13-2012, 01:21 AM
I have owned this truck for a little over a year. It is a monster. I need smaller vehicles for my tour company. Currently I run an H1 and FJ40 for our company. When I bought American Wilderness Tours they were running these trucks, just very old versions of these. This is why I bought this truck. I just like running regular 4x4's instead of a monster and thus the sale. It has a 465 LDT true multi-fuel (diesel is what I run in it). Factory non-whistler turbo. Runs on (6)custom wheels with 47 inch super singles that are about 15.5 inches wide, has a 5 spd, and PTO winch. Truck has incedibly low, low miles and hours with a professionally tuned fuel injection pump that gives safely more than stock. Gets 13 MPG and can haul unbelievable amounts. Not show quality but restored. With 47 inch tires and I believe 6.72 axles you can cruise on the flats at 70 miles per hour all day long in the factory suspension seat. You can't do this with the standard configuration 10 tire set up since they are significantly shorter tires. Bed is nearly 8 feet wide and about 14-16 feet long. Very expensive custom exhaust routed to rear (much quieter). Can easily be routed back to original stack if you want. On road it is designed to haul 10,000 lbs in the bed of the truck. Off-road 5,000 lbs. Has Artic cold package which I am told is rare (heat in the winter). Comes with removable hard top and converts to convertible quicker than my FJ-40. Has good brakes. No wheel cylinder leaks on the rockwell 2.5 ton axles. Tires have huge lugs but also a couple have some dry rot. For the buyer of this vehicle I have a lead on these tires that puts cost of these tires at about $150=175 each. Body in great shape with good military paint. Has been used in Estes Park Parade with WW2 veterans and many commented on how nice the truck looked and ran. Air-actuated to actuate the front axle to make it 6 wheel drive. Happens just as fast as locking in a properly running ARB locker. Has been incredibly reliable and starts quickly and consistently even in wicked cold temperatures. I have pulled stumps and done a little off-roading. Until you experience 47's it is hard to explain what it can do with 6 wheel drive. I have about $12,000 into this truck but am willing to sell for $8500-9K or similar value in trade because I want something right now. I am willing to give value for a sale or trade within the next 30 days because my season is about ready to start. I can't accept payments but I can trade for a nicely equipped 4-runner or full size 4x4 that has fuel injection and a bed that I can convert into a passenger carrying machine. For smaller trucks like 4 runners 33 inch tires or bigger, bigger trucks, a little bigger tires. Something tough and reliable. Must be fuel injected. I need a quality trade of equal value or truck plus cash. Thank You. 970-586-4655 http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/2894318972.html PostingID: 2894318972 on Denver CL