View Full Version : Many FJ60 Parts.....

07-14-2006, 02:55 PM
Hey guys/gals, I made a run to the local Pull n' Save in Aurora and discovered an 84' FJ60 with many goodies still, I think it made a wrong turn into the junk yard. I would have snapped some pics but couldn't, instead I texted myself everything I saw on it. Here's the goods.....:cheers:

- engine was still present minus a few items (intake manifold/carb), some other small stuff I'm sure
- had a complete A/C unit still intact, alternator, radiator, pulleys
- tranny and transfer case still there with shifters and boots
- saw a drive shaft hanging, but didn't get down low in the dirt to check it out
- complete front axle rotor to rotor (hubs were gone)
- steering assembly all still there
- complete rear axle, drum to drum
- Great body all around, very minimal rust if any, small spot on driver's side rear quarter panel
- All doors present complete with glass and interior panels, no dings or rust, no mirrors, passenger door wouldn't shut (locking mechanism may have been jakced or something, door itself looked fine)
- good front fenders and hood, no front grill
- Rear hatch was decent, lower gate may have been a little rough (don't remeber)
- right rear mud flap
- bad bumpers and end caps
- good glass all around, except windshield
- steering wheel and column still there, no instrument cluster, dash was pretty much all still there (1 crack above instrument cluster)
- great headliner, no tears, pretty clean
- back bench seat looked brand freakin new, no headrests
- good passenger seat with headrest, torn drivers seat with headrest
- carpet was great throughout, didn't see any wore out spots, cargo was slightly dirty but should clean up

Some one could do pretty good ($$) parting this sucker out, oh wait, I guess that would be the junk yard! But then again it's Pull n' Save, everything is dirt cheap there. They also had another 60 that was pretty stripped down. Good luck!