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04-01-2012, 03:40 PM
Nothing fancy but would be fine for vehicle camping. Would prefer it all to go as a package, but open to offers. How about $75 as a package?

Texsport tent

Got this guy a bunch of years ago for festival camping, so it's got maybe a couple of dozen nights on it since we use a lighter tent for backpacking and the 'Nest for vehicle camping. I did not want to leave an expensive tent untended at festivals, but no one ever messed with it. Fabric good, no tears in the walls, floors or fly. It's a perfectly serviceable tent as long as you don't have to carry it on your back for long, plus a normal person can sit up and comfortably kneel in it, which is nice.

Camp stools

Probably 40 or 50 years old, I dunno. We used them as kids I remember I am no spring chicken anymore. Wood frames, canvas seats. Now-a-days the folding chairs are nice, but these guys are small and fit anywhere. I used to leave them in my truck all the time just in case I needed a chair. Would be perfect if you are setting up a vintage expeditionary outfit with your FJ25 and Apache canvas pop-up camper, maybe you fancy yourself a modern day Len Beadell.

Sleeping Bags

Two sleeping bags. The brown one is old, heavy cotton with heavy nylon coating. It's warm like crazy as long as it's not wet and not much below freezing. I've used it as an outer protective/insulating bag with a light-duty down bag inside when truck camping in uber cold weather and have stayed warm to around -15F, maybe more. There was one night between Christmas and New Years that we stayed outside Laramie and a well digger's butt was positively tropical in comparison, but I wasn't uncomfortable in my double bag solution.

The green one is more modern, slightly shaped with fairly light Quallofill insulation and reasonably light nylon fabric. It's not a mummy bag and does not pack super small, but could be backpacked. This is a great RTT or camper bag, not bulky but also don't expect to bivouac for your summit attempt on Everest in it. Probably a 20~30F sort of rating.