View Full Version : Guesstimates on cost?

04-11-2012, 10:25 PM
Hey Gang,
I was driving my FJ62 after work today & the Tie Rod End that attached to the Steering arm fell off, disabling my steering. Luckily I wasn't really moving much at the moment so I was able to stop & had it towed to Barnsley tire.

It has needed an axle rebuild forever, but i was waiting until I had the cash together to get Robbie to fix it, which hasn't happened due to other projects, costs, etc... So I knew it all needed work, but didn't expect the TRE to fall off.

So I was wondering what sort of guesstimates people think it will cost to have this fixed at a normal shop? Do I have to have them all done at the same time, or can I just do the one that fell apart for now?

04-11-2012, 11:13 PM
As Wes can attest, a little bailing wire wrapped around the rod and end, and you'll be good as new. :)

With the right tools, it is pretty easy to pop off the old ends, but depending how old and rusty they are, they might not want to unthread from the rods. I think oem ends are about 40 each, and Kurt sells the 555 ones for a good price. You'll need an alignment as well when you're done

04-11-2012, 11:23 PM
Abe I have a bunch o puller and forks if you want to borrow them you are more than welcome. Fixing them is pretty easy too, that is replacing them. LMK if you want to borrow them.