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07-10-2012, 06:35 AM
I have a 1994 Landcruiser that used to not have lockers until I bought another 1994 with a bad motor. I put the lockers from that truck onto mine.
The front differential, the dial switch, the ECU, the harness in the front and the bulbs on the dash are all instaled and functioning perfectly.
Now, when it comes to the back differential, its a different story. I swaped the differentials and installed the harness that goes from the differential to the ĺ panel with the ABS harness. And Iím stuck.
How do I continue?
Where does the harness end?
Pictures would help a lot! Especially ones showing where the wires go to.
Can I run new wires or do I have to open the harness of the other truck and take out the 5 wires?
Thanks for your help

07-11-2012, 09:54 AM
It might not help.
But I installed elockers on my 84 pickup and just ran them all they way with my own harness. You should be able to do the same just extend the wiring to a point you know. Even if it is the dash

07-11-2012, 10:10 AM
Have a 93 in Sloan's Lake you can look at.

07-11-2012, 08:29 PM
When you removed the axle from the donor truck did you not see where the wiring harness went? Is you current truck a model with a drum brake system in the rear. If not, then you have a great aide to help you figure this out. Look at the donor truck and see where the wiring harness goes to. If you do not have the donor truck any more that may be a issue. You may also need to follow the pig tail that was left behind on the donor to see where it is plugged into and then you can go do the replace part of this.
Unless you got rid of the donor truck, you should have all that you need.

07-12-2012, 10:45 PM
Have a 93 in Sloan's Lake you can look at.
Thanks for your offer!!! i already found it, and its ready to go!!!!

07-12-2012, 10:49 PM
Here is the link for the answers I found. Maybe this will help someone in the future.