View Full Version : Kingston Peak Camp/Fish 7/17-7/18

07-16-2012, 08:22 PM
Very last minute. But my kids have been itching to camp, fish and wheel. We are doing an overnighter from Rollinsville to St Mary's/Alice. It will be me and 2 of my kids. (12yo daughter and 5yo son)

As of right now, I have to work tomorrow morning. So, we'll leave early afternoon tomorrow 7/17 and drive up to claim a camping spot. Either somewhere before the cattle guard or over the top to Loch Lomond Lake. We may fish a little too.

The fire ban is still in effect so I'll have a small Road Trip gas grill. Hot Dogs and then S'mores over the gas flame. Providing we're not getting rained/hailed on!

On Wednesday we'll pack our fly rods and hike back to fish some of the lakes. Then finish the trail in the afternoon. I'll be on the HAM 146.46 and on CB CH4. Gonna grab some super breakfast burritos tomorrow for the grill Wednesday morning. I'm happy to grab a few extras.

Feel free to PM me for my cell #.

07-16-2012, 10:37 PM
sounds fun, Stan. Just before the cattle guard there's a little spur to the right, towards James Peak. It ends at a little mesa that's a beautiful site for 1 or 2 trucks.. only downside is if it's windy, it could be brutal up there.

If it's windy, head past the big puddle then take a left down the hill, towards Central City. There are lots of sites down there in the trees, only a mile or so, some even near the river. Or just stay lower on Mammoth Gulch, before you veer left towards Kingston (going right takes you to the lake) those sites down there are popular on weekends, but probably empty during the week and a lot less windy. Plus there's another river on the west side that is fun to hike to with the kids.

07-17-2012, 12:18 AM
Thanks Tim. We checked out that spot by the cattle guard on Saturday. I'm hoping the wind will give us a break and we can camp right there. Looks like a perfect spot for sunrise.
If not, we'll check those spots by the creek or at Loch Lomond.