View Full Version : For Sale Black 2004 GMC Sonoma Crew Cab pickup

Caribou Sandstorm
08-06-2012, 10:01 PM
Hey all,

I am selling my daughter's pick up truck to help fund her college.

The truck was her grandfather's, he bought it new.

It has a few dings, ripped leather seat driver's side, but mechanically pretty sound.

154K miles.

I had all fluids checked on the last oil change, new brakes in rear, more than 50% brake pads up front. Tranny fluid good not burnt, diff fluids also good.

It is going to need tires, shocks and some TLC.

This is no gem but it has been a good safe first vehicle for my daughter.

Kelly Blue book has fair market at 6k, I am going to clean it up over the weekend and put it on Craig's list for $4500.00

Anyone here interested I will work with you on the price.

Let me know if you are interested. Cell is (three zero three) eight eight one- six six three zero.

I will post up pics after I clean it up this weekend.