View Full Version : 33x9.5 tires - 4 - useful as spares (?)

08-20-2012, 09:49 PM
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I just replaced my 33x9.5s today with a new (used) set and have these for sale.

These are Big O brand tires that frankly were not the greatest for traction. They are old and tired. I have 4, but one has a sidewall hack that leaks (and the repair attempt was not successful). The tires are more worn in the middle than at the edges, and all 4 vary from 6-8/32" at the edges to a low of 4/32" in the middle. 3 have middle depths of 6/32" - so they are far from bald.

I'd rather sell these as spares to Rising Sun members, than as a set of 4, but if you want to experiment with all 4, you may.

I believe I will be at the rally and can bring them this Sat. Otherwise, they are in the Black Forest, just NE of Colorado Springs

Steve - PM me

$40/all 4
$20/pr x 2 pairs
$10 each - but I recommend buying 2 in case you have mounting/sealing issues


09-09-2012, 04:27 PM
Bump: 2 remaining tires - now free - 1 decent spare, the other not as good.