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08-22-2012, 11:47 AM
Got this from Wildlands Restoration Volunteers:

Hey Morgan,

Hope all is well with you and Rising Sun 4x4 club! We have a fun project coming up in Sept that is a fun alpine restoration requiring some rough driving for the last little bit to access it! There is also a small staging project that is happening on Aug 29 where we will actually be 4 wheeling some materials in to the project site!
I was wondering if you could pass along a flyer for the alpine restoration project at Georgia Pass on Sept 8-9? It is a great project with the optional chance to camp out, amazing food and itís right on the continental divide with some spectacular plant communities! We still need a handful more volunteers to make sure all the seeding and other restoration work gets done. Folks are welcome for one or both days. And if you are or anyone is interested in helping with the 4x4 staging next week let me know too.
Thanks a ton,
Jarret Roberts
Community Programs Director
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
3012 Sterling Circle, Suite 201 Boulder, CO 80301
303.543.1411 - Ext 1
www.wlrv.org (http://webmail.earthlink.net/wam/www.wlrv.org)

Volunteers Needed
Georgia Pass/Glacier Peak Restoration
Sat-Sun, Sep 8-9
4x4 staging project Aug 29!!
Straddle the Continental Divide, Say Hi to Hikers on the Colorado Trail and Help Restore Eroding Alpine Roads
Google Map: http://goo.gl/maps/vzrd7
Accessible by even a Honda Civic and only 1.5 hours from Denver, our base camp below Georgia Pass is a gorgeous mountain escape for a fall weekend and a great chance to experience the alpine environment in a very easy way. From camp we will carpool up to the work site just a mile or two away but above tree line with spectacular views that go on forever!

This beautiful and popular area sees use from off-road vehicles and outdoor enthusiasts experiencing the CDT and Colorado Trails. While much of the recreation is on sustainable trails and roads there are some places where users, often unknowingly, are causing immense degradation to extremely fragile ecosystems. This project will focus on the closure and restoration of a spur road that is heavily eroding, braiding, and unraveling the native alpine flora. We will camp out Fri & Sat (unless you can only make it for one day) and enjoy amazing food veteran cooks.

We are excited to have the help and partnership of the Friends of Dillon Ranger District and the US Forest Service to accomplish this project. FRIDAY night arrival highly encouraged.

TO SIGN UP or get more info, Contact: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers at (303) 543-1411, info@wlrv.org (info@wlrv.org). Visit our website at www.wlrv.org (http://www.wlrv.org).

Direct Link to sign up page: http://www.wlrv.net/colorado/index.cfm?fuseaction=home.events&type=792#Event871

Sounds like a lot of fun! Unfortunately I will be tied up with a specialty dog show that weekend, hope to 'finish' our male puppy (get his Championship).