View Full Version : Hi, noob in Aspen checking in

08-26-2012, 09:32 AM
New to Rising Sun, and to Toyotas, not so new to wheeling.

I've had a couple of Jeeps, several Isuzus, including a locked and rocked full-size Rodeo, settling in with a new-to-me '92 FJ80. And dying to get it up and running (needs a new tranny swapped in -- anybody in the Roaring Fork Valley bored today ???) because hunting season started yesterday!

I may get the transplant underway today, but I ran into 4 bulls yesterday that I'd love to get closer to today... :)

Anyhow, just checking in. But really, really could use another set of hands on this transmission ... :D:o:D

08-26-2012, 05:05 PM
Welcome. We'll need some pictures to support your story.... :)

Not sure who's around in that area of the state that hangs out here - we'll see.

08-26-2012, 06:00 PM
Welcome to the forum Racer. I have no idea who could help you out in the Aspen area, but I hope you find some assistance, or get it done successfully yourself! And congrats on "moving up" to a Land Cruiser. We are pretty big fans of them around here!

08-26-2012, 09:41 PM
Welcome. We just had a great time camping pretty close to you with some guys with the Bookcliffs Cruisers. You can connect with them in their club area on Mud.

08-26-2012, 10:00 PM
Welcome to the forum.

Search Atoyot1031 (Nick) on IH8MUD. He is in the Aspen area.

Skip the trans for now and go get one of those bull's the truck will wait.

08-26-2012, 10:45 PM
Thanks for the advice, I did, though didn't catch up with the elk tonight, darn it!.

I know Nick, he's the reason I have an FJ80 now. I always drooled over his. I think he's not returning my calls until after the tranny is in. :p:

Can't say I blame him. :)