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Uncle Ben
08-03-2006, 09:07 AM
Here ya go....if a road trip sounds fun ya better get on this quick as it wont last long...... :thumb: :cheers:

Would you be interested in a FREE FJ60 Land Cruiser? What if it looked good, ran good, and was totally rust free?

Well, itís not really free, but sort of. Iíll get to that in a minute, but first, a question. If you were going to build your dream ĎCruiser, would you use quality parts and off-road accessories like OME, ARB, BF Goodrich, Pioneer, Tuffy, Lock-Right, TOYO, Bobby Longís Chrome Moly Super Birfields, Dynomat, Herculiner, and Toyota? If youíre like me, thatís exactly what youíd do, and thatís exactly what I DID!

Hereís the deal Ė about 3 years ago I bought a nice, straight, rust free 1985 FJ60 in Tucson, and drove it back. It was in really good shape, owned by a doctor most of its life with excellent maintenance, but BONE STOCK. Since then, Iíve spent over $8000 on upgrades, improvements, and a few normal maintenance items. Also during that time, Iíve driven this FJ60 over 35,000 miles and itís NEVER let me down!

If youíve read this far, you must be at least mildly interested, so Iíll go ahead and spill the beans. Hereís the deal:

Iíve decided to simplify my life, and Iíve got a fifth wheel camper, one of my Land Cruisers, and my house for sale. Iíll still have my FJ40, and Ellen will have her FJ Cruiser, so weíll be fine for a while. Hereís the Land Cruiser deal: If youíd pay me $8,000 for the parts, accessories, and upgrades Iíve bought and installed, Iíll throw in the FJ60 AND my labor for free!!! So itís like buying the parts, and getting them installed for free on a free FJ60. Can you beat this deal? I doubt it.

If youíre already interested, call me now at 479-841-6708.

If you need more details, here they are:

1985 White FJ60 Land Cruiser. Totally RUST FREE, runs good, looks good, all accessories work (including the AC) except the rear window washer (Iíve got the parts) and the aftermarket cruiser control. Iíd drive it anywhere. It has the OME medium duty lifted suspension with OME shocks, steering stabilizer, and grease able anti reversion shackles. It has a Lock-Right locker in the rear, 33x12.50 BF Goodrich Mud Terrain tires, 8Ē chrome wheels, ARB Bull Bumper, ARB side steps, Pioneer Premium AM/FM/CD/XM Super Tuner Stereo (yes, it has XM radio! If you havenít wheeled with XM Radio, youíll LOVE it!). The doors are lined with Dynamat, and the insides of all the body panels are coated with WaxOyl rust preventative. The seats have been reupholstered with great looking marine grade vinyl, new carpet over a floor completely covered with white Herculiner Ė door sill to door sill, front to rear, Tuffy locking console, CB Radio, rebuilt brake calipers, new brake rotors, new knuckle bearings and seals, Bobby Longís Chrome Moly Super Birfields, new wheel cylinders, new radiator, thermostat and hoses, new carburetor diaphragm and distributor diaphragm. Iíve been running synthetic motor oil in it ever since I bought it.

Thatís the good stuff. Now, hereís the additional things it needs to be even better:

It could probably use a valve job. After 203,000 miles, itís probably due. The motor seems to be a little weak lately. I havenít gotten around to checking the compression (heck, I havenít even changed the spark plugs since I bought it), but Iím guessing thatís the problem. Other than that, the motor runs good, sounds good, and Iíve had no problems with it at all.

Iíd fix the oil leaks. Itís got several, but none of them are bad enough that Iíve felt the need to tear into it and fix them. It WILL mark its territory, but as long as you check the fluids occasionally the leaks arenít anything serious.

The antenna for the XM radio probably could use a more permanent mounting.

It would be more pleasant to drive with less aggressive (quieter) tires.

Thatís all I can think of right now. Call me at 479-841-6708 if youíre interested.



08-03-2006, 03:06 PM

Uncle Ben
08-06-2006, 09:14 AM
Updated with a couple pictures.....

Uncle Ben
08-15-2006, 09:16 AM
As one would expect from a deal like this....this Cruiser is sold! :thumb: