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10-07-2012, 02:09 PM
I had a few places in my yard that had turned to big dirt patches because of the clay not allowing the soil to retain water

I tilled the dirt and added top soil

I treid two different seed mixes and applied both the same day and gave them both the same amount of water. Pretty heavy water the first two weeks and I was surprized how much better one product did over the other. Both products are made by Scotts

The first I tried was Scotts EZ Seed


The second I tried was Scotts Patch Master


The EZ seed was a claer winner. Two months later that area is thick and better than the grass around it. The patchmaster area is spotty and you can still see some of the "mix" on top of the soil

The first picture is a section I used both on side by side. The EZ seed on the right and the patch on the left. You can almost see the line were I divided the two sections. The EZ seed area has a few spots to fill in where as the patch area has a few spots of grass

The second picture shows an area I just used the patch on. Some took hold and others did not

The third picture shows a large area I just used EZ seed on. Very thick and better than the grass around it. The spotty area in the third picture was grass that was there. The thick part in the middle was a large empty peice of dirt that no grass grew till I tilled it, added top soil and the EZ seed

Just thought I would share my results since they were pretty different. Again planted in the same soil, both tilled with a small layer of new top soil and both with the same amount of water

10-08-2012, 02:25 PM

I'll have to remember this thread when I do some reseeding in the front next spring

10-08-2012, 02:32 PM
EZ seed rocks......spendy but it works!

10-08-2012, 03:42 PM
Got some patches myself I need to take care of in the spring - thanks Ken!

10-08-2012, 03:45 PM
As a guy who has never had a lawn to maintain until we moved up here, I did learn one trick this summer. Water. It's all about water.

Beginning of the summer, we had some major bare patches. We switched our watering cycle from one long one to 3 shorter consecutive ones. Instead of running each station for 20-30 minutes, we've got each station running for about 8 minutes but the cycle repeats 3 times. This allows the water to penetrate the soil deeper which forces the roots to go deeper.

It took most of the summer but all the bare patches have filled in on their own without throwing down EZ Seed or anything else. The only remaining bare spot is under the hammock which I'm really not too concerned about.

Which reminds me, I need to go turn the water back on since I drained the backflow for the cold snap this past weekend...

Caribou Sandstorm
10-10-2012, 12:40 PM
Nice Ken!

All summer I repair burn marks from my female Golden Retriever. I pull up the brown patches, drop seed and then use planting mix top soil lightly sprinkled on top. Seems to give me the best results and I think I get the biggest bang for my buck. The patch specific bags seemed more expensive.

I get the Scott's sun/shade mix $11.99 and a large bag of potting soil 6.99.

Grass comes right up in a bout a week or so, and by then I have new patches to fill.