View Full Version : Show off your rigs and help out a school!

Shari O
10-22-2012, 10:25 AM
Hey Guys!
My name is Shari Otteman - I'm the wife of a soon-to-be member and I'm looking for a few good men (and their rigs) to come out this Sunday for a Touch-a-Truck fundraiser. Have you ever heard of these? Basically, we get a bunch of cool trucks / tractors / construction equipment together in one big parking lot and let young enthusiasts (and the young-at-heart) explore to their hearts content! We charge a few bucks of course - this is a fundraiser for my daughter's school in Golden, a charter school that has students from all over Jefferson County.

So, I've got 2-3 open spots for some cool off-road rigs. You would need to stay with your vehicle.

This community event will take place this Sunday, Oct 28th, at Jefferson County Fairgrounds from 1-5. You can be there for all or part of that time. We are also holding a Fall Carnival in the Main Events Center if you want to bring your family with you - there will be games, bounce houses, petting zoo, concessions, carnival games... you know - all the good stuff.

Thanks so much!

- I should add that I have talked with Rising Sun Officers and was directed to post here. I didn't just decide to invade your forum!