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08-04-2006, 07:00 PM
It's with mixed emotions that I'm selling my 1989 FJ62. I didn't even want it in the first place, but it was a package deal with my FJ40. Now the FJ40 has been gone for a few months, and I'm quite attached to this big wagon. The 62 has some real unexpected charm, and I will miss this one but I've gotta make room for the arrival of a 3rd Gen. runner, which I'm buying as Nakman makes room for Romer's 40. What a tangled web we weave...

Here's the details, if you or anybody you know is interested, please let me know.

237,000 miles
$3000 OBO Rising Sun members can take $500 off of that.:thumb:

The good:
Runs Great!
BFG A/T 32X11.50’s with less than 12k miles
New drag links – professionally installed June 06
New battery – July 06
New Thermostat – January 05
Knuckles professionally repacked – Nov. 04
New front brake rotors, professionally installed – Nov. 04
New rear hatch installed July 05

Drives and shifts very smooth, transfer case and manual hubs work great. Power windows and locks all work. All gauges work. Front and rear heat work great. A/C blows cold.

H1/H4 headlight upgrade – high beams are super bright!

Factory AM/FM/Cassette works good, all lights work!

6 disc CD changer with remote!
Power antenna works!
Rear wiper works!
Yakima bars included!

I have and will furnish the complete and clean car fax right up until the time I bought it. No wrecks or salvage issues ever.

The bad:
Some rust
Some drips
Headlight switch needs some cleaning, high beams can be intermittent. It’s an easy operation, I just keep not getting around to it. Low beams always work, high beams work just fine if you jiggle the switch.
Rear washer doesn’t squirt. Worked last summer, doesn’t now. I haven’t tried to diagnose the problem. Good first project!
Rear defrost doesn’t work. Didn’t work when I bought it in the Fall of ’04. Switch lights up, but frost doesn’t go away.:confused:
Some seam separation on driver’s side seat, but hey, it’s got 237k on it, so that’s to be expected.

Due to the fact that there is some rust, this is probably not going to be a restoration candidate, but this is a great vehicle for somebody who wants to get into cruisers, or has a lot of stuff to haul around (you can put 5 33X12.50 Mud T/A’s in the back without folding the rear seat down!) or just wants reliable year round transportation.

It has been my daily driver for over two years, including many trips back and forth to the airport, it has never failed to start and bring me home, even after sitting for days in sub zero or over 100 degree weather. Gas mileage is in the “high 14’s”. Cruises easily at 70-75mph at 5,000’ elevation, but as with all ‘cruisers, has some issue with high altitude hills. If you are driving to the mountains every day, put some good CD’s in.

Don’t wait, now is your chance to experience the majesty of the might 3FE.

Email (mattATnakari.com) or PM me, I’ll put it out here for awhile first before it goes to a broader market.

Here’s a picture before the new tires.