View Full Version : Outlaws Run 2013 Planning. Let's hear the ideas.

11-20-2012, 09:25 PM
So i've been pondering next years Outlaws. Started doing it in the Swell. We've been to Wyoming and Montana. Trying to figure out where to go next. A few places have been calling my name. The Grand is one of them. Started thinking that a trip to the North Rim/ Canyon De Chelly and Chinle Wash would make for a great adventure. Seems to be lots of permit lagistics, and ultimatly a smaller group. Then I get thinking about Nevada, New Mexico( Kid Curry and the Sundance Kid hung out at our familys propery in Wagon Mound, NM, the Diamond A ranch for a short time), and South Dakota, other places the Wild Bunch hung out.

Curve Ball. Just found out my really good friend Bruce is getting married next September (Can only assume Oregon since thats where he lives). One thought, get a lot of them being in the wood shop by my self all day, would be to head from Spokane Washington to the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. Butch Cassidy ended up in Spokane, died there in the 1940's under the name of William T. Phillips.

So would love to get the conversation going for next years trip. Where to?


11-20-2012, 10:30 PM
Nevada... lots of Outlaw/ghost town stuff out there

11-21-2012, 12:22 PM
It's about 700 interstate miles from Spokane to the Bighorns in WY I think. Probably double that if you could find state/national land to travel. I could suggest a longer but much more scenic route up through Sandpoint Idaho and into Montana. Up into Troy, Yaak and Libby Montana. It's all paved road until you get into the Yaak Valley.

I have some connections/friends in that area. One of them is Tom Orr, who is on the TV series Mountain Men. If you're really interested in making your own way of life using handmade tools and old school smarts, meeting Tom would be a highlight. I have listened to him tell stories for many hours and it never gets old. He and his wife are remarkable people.

My family has spent a lot of time hunting and fishing in the Yaak Valley of Montana. There are endless miles of forest/logging roads up there, but not a lot hardcore stuff that I've seen. I usually fly into Spokane and drive from there. I have fished the Kootenai, Yaak and Fisher Rivers as well as some remote lakes in that area. I've also fished a lot on the Bighorn River. I've done some mild offroading around the Bighorn River and Bighorn Canyon. It's beautiful. I'll pull some pics and post them.