View Full Version : Printable Rally Fliers - tell your friends, put on on the Cruiser down the street...

08-06-2006, 10:23 PM
Color (http://risingsun4x4club.org/Rally/RallyColor.pdf)

B&W (http://risingsun4x4club.org/Rally/RallyBW.pdf)

08-07-2006, 03:24 PM
Both of the Rally flyer versions used too much ink from my printer. I created a new version, which can be printed in either color or black&white. It's also only 200 kb, so much quicker to download. Also, it's now sized properly for 8.5" x 11" paper.

Rally flyer for personal printing (http://risingsun4x4club.org/Rally/RisingSunRally2.pdf)

This should be much better for most people to print out themselves.

08-08-2006, 09:55 AM
check it out!
i'm having my parts driver drop flyers at every shop he stops at.
should be on the average of 15-20 today.
i'll keep him loaded with extras ;)

08-08-2006, 11:14 AM