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12-08-2012, 08:03 PM
I am trying to help a customer of mine sell his 4runner. Read ALL of the Ad before calling him please. This 4runner needs some work, but its easy work for someone that is mechanically inclined. The price definitely reflects the work needed. IMHO its a steal given the mileage and how clean everything else is.

1996 4runner. 3.4L, Auto, 4x4. Only 151K on it. Factory Elocker. IIRC, the timing belt done at 120K. The interior is very clean. No sunroof. Tires are pretty much new. I just swapped in some good used coils/struts up front. The body is straight and clean. It drives really well as it sits, but needs attention:

The bad: This 4runner is from back east. The rear axle needs to be replaced as its rusted really badly. The PS upper link bracket broke off the axle housing due to the rust. And, the shocks are broken as well. I have a spare housing, but it needs to be modifed as its a non-elocker housing and this 4runner has an Elocker. I also have some good used shocks too. The body has a tiny little bit of rust at the back of the rockers. Otherwise the body is rust free. Frame is solid, but has some surface rust. Gas tank skid is rusty. All that said, the customer has been driving this with no idea the extent of the problem. It drives fine amazingly, but needs to be fixed to be safe.

There you have it. It needs some TLC, and I can supply the parts to fix it for a minimal cost. My customer basically got hosed on this 4runner. He is a retired guy, and didn't climb under it before buying it. I got it up on the lift so he could see what was going on, and its more than he wants to deal with.

So, he is taking a big loss on this. The tranny was recently flushed when he got it, and he put new tires on it. He's into it for $5700.

He told me that the first $3700 will take it. He is firm as this is a great deal on a relatively low mileage 4runner. Call Gary at 970-302-5036.

4runner is in Greeley, CO

IMHO, that is a good deal. For that price I will throw in the rear axle housing and the used shocks.











12-09-2012, 01:43 AM
This might be perfect for my daughter's first vehicle... I will be in touch