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12-20-2012, 09:21 AM
Help the GMJC get new trails opened - Need your comments by 12/22

Dear Friends of the Grand Mesa Jeep Club,

The GMJC, along with the Responsible Recreation Foundation (RRF), has been working with the BLM to get approval for the construction of new rock crawling routes in the Bangs Canyon area. We need comments into the GJ Field Office to support OHV trails (4WD trails, ATV trails and dirt bike trails ) to be created and support the RRF's proposed plan for these trails.

The non-motorized groups are canvassing the office with letter campaigns to stop the plan. Attached you'll find a letter from the opposition that was printed in the Grand Junction Sentinel. It's full of inaccuracies.

Letters must be received by this SATURDAY 12/22/12. Email your letter to BLM_CO_GJ_Public_Comments@blm.gov

The full environmental assessment can be found here:

Points to cover in your email that are critical that also give you grounds to comment at a future date if the EA is not approved:
1.The area has already been designated for this type of use.
2.The existing Jeep Trail, Billings Canyon, has been a very positive addition to the trail system, and even with its popularity, through volunteers, it is still a very clean, and well maintained trail.
3.Full size 4x4 trails support the local and national economy, through the purchase of equipment, vehicles, and upgrades.
4.Impact is very low for the 4x4 trails, as we are talking about less than 3 miles of new trails on this project.
5.Each of the new trails offers a unique experience, unlike any other trail. Each of the new trails require different levels of expertise in trail use.
6.Cost to the public will be minimal, as most of the trail will be built and maintained by clubs, and other organizations.
7.There have been no significant disturbances to any part of the environment, or cultural resources discovered during the planning of these trails.
8.The proposed trails facilitate hunting access via OHV to areas not accessible by OHV in the past.


Thank you,

Grand Mesa Jeep Club