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Air Randy
01-24-2013, 03:57 PM
I bought one of these mini-torch kits from Home Depot 4 months ago. I needed something to heat up a shift lever enough to be able to bend it a little bit. It works great for heating/bending plus it will also cut off bolts and you can do light welding with it. It's quite small and easy to carry in your vehicle for emergency repairs on the trail.

I ended up getting a full size acetylene cutting torch set so I don't need this little one any more. It was $60 new plus tax. I'll sell it for $45 obo along with a soft carrying case that will make it easy to carry in your vehicle. The bottles should be almost full since it was only lit for about 5 minutes. It has the instructions, lighter, welding rods and everything still with it. The gas and oxygen bottles are throw aways when empty and new ones at HD are $9.

The one picture is from the HD website the other is the actual unit. My gas bottle is shorter and wider than what the web site picture shows. Here is the product description too:

Cuts steel up to - 3/4 In. bolts, Includes: regulated oxygen valve. 4-1/2 ft. hose, burner head & carrying stand, Disposable oxygen and propane cyclinder. Spark lighter, Brazing/welding rods.

Cuts 14 ga. steel - 3/4 In. bolts
Includes: regulated oxygen valve
4-1/2 ft. hose, burner head & carrying stand
Disposable oxygen and propane cyclinder
Spark lighter
Brazing/welding rods
Note: Product may vary by store.
MFG Brand Name : Bernzomatic
MFG Model # : OX2550KC
MFG Part # : OX2550KC