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04-30-2013, 04:43 PM
will be leaving for Moab in 30...will be listening to 146.460 and repeaters along the way....just tested my Baofeng that Tim helped program, and my Yaesu 7900 that Dave and Tim helped program....I can talk to each other on simplex, but neither one seems to transmit (or receive) on the repeaters. I was trying 145.310 and could not hear anything at all...and could not seem to transmit. hit me up if you have a chance or listen for me....would be nice to get this figured out before I hit Moab. thanks!

and 72o 243 2o92...

04-30-2013, 05:27 PM
Calling 145.310 now.... Nothing...

05-05-2013, 11:55 AM
On your 7900, you need to toggle the ENC, DEC, ENC DEC, settings until you find the one that works, then save it. I think it's just ENC that works on the 145.310, but I have struggled with that as well. And I too can't get the Baofeng to connect with the 145.310 reliably, in fact it has only worked once for me. I have been meaning to try an external antenna just to see if it helps, but I think the problem lies within the programming software & programmer. The 145.145 should work flawlessly though, can you hit that one?

05-05-2013, 06:56 PM
I do not know for sure if the 145.310 machine puts a tone on it's TX, but it requires a 123.0 Hz tone to open the squelch on RX. So your radio should be set to at least ENC. If you turn on DEC and you don't hear anything then it's not putting the tone on and you'd need to turn on DEC. I"m fairly certain it passes the tone through so if you experience a lot of interference on 145.310 you can use it to reduce it. You are never absolutely required to use a tone squelch on listen, that is your choice.

I can hit the 145.310 from my house with an HT at 5W, so it's not a distance thing. There are places in Boulder that are in an RF shadow since the machine is on Mt Thorodin. So there is a RX-only station that covers Boulder in Broomfield.

Remember this machine is unique, it's the only one in the system that requires a 100.0 Hz tone.

So if the memory is set up to ENC and DEC a 123.0 Hz tone but you are in a shadowed spot, you'd need to put a 100.0 Hz tone on your TX and still listen with a 123.0 tone. It does not explain why we could not get it to work at Ham & Eggs, that location has no issue seeing the Thorodin machine. I'm not sure Yaesu radios can use different tones for RX and TX, so if you are trying to use the Broomfield listening machine you'd have to make sure to use a 100.0 Hz tone on TX only and no tone on RX.