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05-03-2013, 03:47 PM
so, this one is WAY over the top construction wise, but can I get some thumbs up / down on this?

what would you pay? FYI, this level of work can go from 800 to 1300 depending on design.

05-03-2013, 04:27 PM
That is super :cool:

05-03-2013, 06:01 PM
That is super :cool:

Agreed :thumb:

As for what I'd pay...I'm a cheapskate so I'm probably not your target clientele :hill:

05-03-2013, 09:34 PM
If you could have a cover for it somehow, it would be legal in Denver. Lots of potential sales for an item that beautiful from the Stapleton crowd!

05-03-2013, 09:41 PM
i'm with the outside my price range folks, but agree, it is beautiful. i'm also with jeff on the cover thing. i know commerce city, like denver, requires a "cover" on fire pits. cover can just be a grate, which i don't really get. might ruin the looks tho.

05-06-2013, 12:07 AM
easily more $$. can the cover be removeable? feed gas up the base?

05-06-2013, 07:47 AM
@daniel that's how it is done now.

J Kimmel
05-06-2013, 07:53 AM
looks awesome couldn't your cover be a small expanded welded to the bowl? barely notice it I'd guess

05-06-2013, 10:17 AM
Dosent only wood burning pits require covers ?
A propain pit has no ashes to fly off

05-06-2013, 02:51 PM
Dosent only wood burning pits require covers ?
A propain pit has no ashes to fly off

you're correct. this classifies as an outdoor vented lp/natural gas fireplace.

wood/consumable burning items require cover. There are codes for public area on this type of thing, but not for private.

05-06-2013, 09:10 PM
I would try to market that in the ski towns. The 2nd home folk prefer the no mess stuff and have money to burn, pun intended;)

05-10-2013, 07:55 AM
That ROCKS. I'd love one up here... but I'm with the out of my price range crowd. Not that it isn't worth it...

05-22-2013, 09:37 AM
Very nice, price sounds right.