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05-24-2013, 08:19 PM
It is with regret and a heavy heart that I am putting this ad up.

A couple years ago my wife and I rescued this beautiful orange and white Maine **** from the PetsMart rescue program. He was about 7 at the time (October 2010), so he's about 9 now. We don't feel like we're giving him the love and attention he needs now with our 10 month old little girl.

My wife fell in love with him because he came right over to her and sat on her lap and purred his little head off. He is the most social cat I've ever seen and always wants to be around people. He even likes his belly rubbed - yes, I know it's weird but it's true. He prefers to be on top of you somehow, either on your lap, chest, or whatever. He's got a very sweet personality, but one thing he doesn't like is loud noises, which is also a problem because the baby screams at him (out of excitement but he doesn't take it that way).

As far as we know he's always been an indoor cat, but he still has his claws. He is pretty timid of being outdoors. We are also not sure how he would interact with other cats. We have not had any problems with him scratching furniture, but he is particular about his scratching post type and location. He has scratched the carpet on the stairs a bit when distressed, but again mostly whenever his scratching post isn't in a location that suits him.

He likes wet food, but we have tried to feed him dry food mostly to help his teeth. He weighs 15-16 lbs., but I don't think it's because he's fat, he's just a large cat which Maine Coons are known for. He's got a white chest and belly and white socks on his feet. I would call him a mid- to long-hair, and he's not for the allergy-prone. I have slight cat allergies and there are times when he'll bother me a bit. It helps if you brush him regularly, which he loves.

Since my wife and I are not cat people (why did we buy a cat in the first place?), we would be including everything cat related that we have. Litter box, food and water bowls, brush, etc. His current scratching post is toast so you would want to buy a new one, and we borrowed his carrier so that would not be included. A word of caution - he does not like riding in the car. He'll yowl all the way to your destination and it's a little bit of a fight to get him into a carrier. That's the only time he's ever resisted - he even tolerates getting a bath, he just sits in the tub and yowls, but doesn't bite or scratch.

He had a bunch of shots done at the time we bought him, but we haven't been keeping up on any of them (not really sure if we were supposed to). But we do have some records about him which we would include as well.

I'm not going to put a price on him because I'd prefer that someone takes him that will keep his claws, love him, and be better owners than us. I feel like it's giving away a member of our family, though admittedly I'm not a huge cat lover so he's been a little bit like the red-headed stepchild anyway.

If you are interested or know anybody who might be interested, please let me know. Or if you have any tips on where to take him, please let me know. I feel like a bad person for doing this to such a good cat.

05-24-2013, 08:20 PM
Apparently "C O O N" is a restricted word :rolleyes:

05-25-2013, 08:11 AM
Hey Matt!

I had no idea you guys had a kitty, much less a Mainecoon, much less an orange one!
Mainecoons are awesome, and orange kitties are undisputedly special. They are truly more like dogs in terms of how they crave social interaction. We have one, and he is a riot.
Not sure why you feel like you have to give him up? Is the only problem he doesn't like noise? Both your daughter and him will figure each other out. I'm not trying to second guess you, but there are many benefits for a child to have a pet. Do you guys have a dog? Kitties are a lot less maintenance than dogs. Your daughter will get many laughs from your kitty. Cash shed a few tears from our cat as well. He used to provoke the kitty, and I would tell him not to, and then Max the Mainecoon would give him a swipe with a claw when he had enough. Tears would ensue, but valuable lessons learned...
Have you gotten him one of those cardboard matrix scratching pads? It's just the edge of corrugated cardboard in a box with catnip. Max loves his.
How old is the girl? 12 months? This shall pass. You guys are maxed out on bandwidth, so the path of least resistance is to ditch the kitty. It will get better!
BTW, Mainecoons are big, 16 lbs is not unreasonable. Can you feel his ribs?
Sorry to offer an unsolicited opinion, but it sounds like you have a really good kitty.

05-25-2013, 09:21 AM
Mouse Master Max:

Shark Bait
05-28-2013, 05:47 AM
Here's mine. If we didn't already have three cats, Matt, we might take him. I think you should try and keep him a while longer.

05-28-2013, 12:12 PM
That is an awesome picture Chris!