View Full Version : BFG KM2 315/75R16 x4

06-02-2013, 10:27 PM
----SOLD---- These tires were on my 80 for about 2 years. They are at 10/32" tread, which is right at half of where they started. Still hook up great - did really well on Behind the Rocks on the CM2013 Pre-run. I took them off because I have some Cooper STTs that needed to go on.

I was going to sell them for $600. However, after I took them off I noticed a couple of things. First I found a plug in one that I never knew was there. It's on the tread face between the lugs. Not a huge deal, never leaked a bit, just not pristine. Second I noticed some cracking along the base of the lugs. This is apparently not too unusual for these tires, but once again, not ideal. They were born in 2011 fyi.

So I am letting them go for $400. Wheels not included.