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08-12-2013, 06:56 PM
Found a pet bird wandering around our backyard today. I have no idea what to do with or about birds, ideas appreciated. Dog carrier + handful of sticks + saucer of water.

Posted on Craigslist and getting ready to call Humane Society. He's got a band but doesn't look like a phone number on it.

08-13-2013, 08:41 AM
gotta be someone close by, i think they cut the wings so they cant fly very well

08-13-2013, 09:14 AM
Preheat your oven to 350...

Retrieve the BBQ sauce from the fridge...


08-13-2013, 09:14 AM
He could fly, at least around the room. We tried giving him a place to perch, some food (parrot pellets) and water. Seemed OK last night, just tired. He was in tougher shape this morning so we had to take him to the vet and they are caring for him and will notify animal control. Hopefully he pulls through. Fingers crossed. He may have been traveling with a buddy, got an email from a person close in the 'hood that saw two of them in their backyard yesterday morning. He is very, very thin, just skin and bones.

08-13-2013, 10:31 AM
We hope he makes it too and gets home. He looks alert and bright. Also probably exhausted, dehydrated and stressed.

Although he's not a raptor, I'd call Birds of Prey Foundation in Broomfield 303-460-0674. They give excellent care and will give you good advice about what to do with your little guy. They also do get occasional exotics like your find. I'd trust their advice.

Check Website - http://www.birds-of-prey.org/#!injuredraptor/c10d6

Good Luck! Suzie (and Steve)

08-13-2013, 10:37 AM
Or maybe he needs a new home if he's in such poor shape :(

08-13-2013, 11:46 AM
I'm assuming the escape was unintended and he just had a big adventure, worse for wear. The nurse at the vet wants him if he's not claimed, so I'm sure he's got a good home waiting for him.

08-13-2013, 02:30 PM
Seems like if he was from a nearby neighbor, there would be some signs on telephone poles or roadsigns around the 'hood.

08-13-2013, 02:38 PM
Just talked to the vet, poor little dude didn't make it. Vet's assessment was he starved to death and had been in the wild for some time. Humane Society will have a record of him so if anyone does try to find him they'll at least be able to tell them what happened. Pretty bummed about it.

08-13-2013, 03:25 PM
sad to hear

08-13-2013, 03:56 PM
That blows. :(

08-13-2013, 05:54 PM
That's a bummer man, i was reading this hoping for a happy ending. At least ya'll did what you could.

08-13-2013, 06:03 PM
Yes sad and sadlier is that his tale is not uncommon. All birds want to be free birds (and should be IMO). But pet birds sometimes escape and usually meet a dire fate. At least this guy was safe from prey by a hungry fox or coyote, or rascal dog, cat...endless dangers out there.

You did a good thing Dave.

He looks both grateful and happy in both your pictures.

our best to you and Kirsten, suzie

08-13-2013, 06:25 PM
I got the feeling that he was happy not to be outside anymore and he initially just wanted to sit on top of the cage and talk. I think now that he may have been trying to find his traveling pal. Once we got him some places to perch he seemed content just to chill. He drank water but we couldn't get him to eat much, I think he basically just relaxed to the point he passed. Poor dude just had no energy reserves and was literally dead tired. Makes me sad but at least he wasn't cold, scared and alone at the end.

08-13-2013, 06:29 PM
And you know, ironically, it was because one of our cats was focused on him in the yard that I noticed him in the first place. So cat & bird are apparently not mortal enemies. Although sometimes I wish our predator-wannabes would be a little more intimidating to the pigeons and robins who like to munch on gardens.

08-13-2013, 07:21 PM
So cat & bird are apparently not mortal enemies.

Enemy is a human concept. However, cats are driven hunters and if you Google some you will see the unimaginable toll domestic cats take on bird populations. Keep Mr. Kitty inside.

08-13-2013, 07:21 PM
Bummer. It was a good effort though.