View Full Version : Friend with a knockin' minitruck

08-23-2006, 11:07 AM
I talked a friend (Don) into buying a neighbor's 1988 22RE minitruck that needs a new bed (named, "LongHorn" Guess where my friend is from). The head is in good shape (has a new Enginebuilder cam and the motor runs smartly), it has about 130K miles, it has a light rod knock (no idea why, at that mileage- but the original cam wore out, which should be a clue) and the guy bought it to satisfy his tinkering needs. And he needs a 4x4 hunt truck.

I offered to work with him creating a flatbed. He has asked me to help him pull the pan and see what's up, but to be honest I've not torn down a bottom end (not on a truck anyway). Kipper's thread and Jeff's answer made me think a little knowledge would go a long way toward diagnosing what's up with LongHorn.

Is it advisable to just pull the motor? Or is just pulling the pan enough? Sounds miserable to me, especially in the hot sun and working around the IFS stuff. (Red Chili is totally accessible with a solid axle.) Anyone willing to poke around, mentor and advise in the coming months? We could have a Big End party, similar to the Ring and Pinion Party we threw a couple years ago. I'd like to see Don get interested in the club too.

No jokes about double entendres with that "Big End" thing.

The curious thing is, he has great oil pressure. Odd. I'd expect it to be low due to loose clearances on big ends.