View Full Version : Parts - All for 1993/4 FZJ80 - As Priced OBO

08-26-2013, 08:40 PM
All for 1993/4 FZJ80 (donor was 170,000 or 226,000)

AC Compressor

Head (donor was 170,000. you will send this to your machine shop)

Alternator with NEW brushes (This is almost like a re-manufactured. Brushes alone are about $20. Alts are $200+ for new, so I'll keep this as a spare if I can't get $100)

Exhaust Manifold

Intake Manifold

Throttle Body

PS Pump ($275 new and Ill help you rebuild it)

PS Reservoir

Axle - Long inner front Grooved at oil seal (trail spare?)

Axle - Short inner front Grooved at oil seal (trail spare?)

Fuel rail

Idler pulley

Front Rotors (oem, need to turn, no idea of spec)


No offer is too low. I may wait for a better offer but now is your time to buy!