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09-20-2005, 08:54 AM
From: aimee@uppersouthplatte.net (aimee@uppersouthplatte.net)
Subject: Hayman Fire.Helpers Wanted/ update

Goal: make Aspen Coasters and Pinecone Backscratchers

Types of Jobs:

Cutting with power tool

Sanding with a power tool

Sanding by hand

Drilling with a power tool


Cutting felt


Making bows

Where: two choices. 1) Come to Lake George and work at either the Hayman Recovery Center outdoors or the community center, indoors.

2) We will come to your group or area. It makes more sense with the high prices of gas to organize the work where most people live. We need hosts.

When: Soon ASAP

How to Respond: email cusp@uppersouthplatte.net (cusp@uppersouthplatte.net) or theresa@uppersouthplatte.net (theresa@uppersouthplatte.net) or call the CUSP office using one of these numbers. 720.249.9398 or 719.748.0033 or 800.420.9110

Why: The Hayman Fire Recovery (through CUSP, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit) receives grants and donations to do catastrophic fire rehab and prevention work. The grants must have a cash and in-kind labor match. We accept donations for the coasters and backscratchers made by volunteers to make the cash match. The volunteers’ time counts for in-kind labor match.

The coasters are offered at trade show throughout the fall and winter. The booths are donated to CUSP as educational booths where the products are offered.
The first show is Sept 16th at the Phil Long Expo Center in Colorado Springs.

Fire Rehab Update: We are working under harsher conditions. The hills are steeper; the material has to be moved longer distances and most times by hand or mules. We are still concentrating on the Trail Creek drainage. We received some much needed help this year from Mother Nature starring (drum roll please) one particular wild flower, penstemon. In the same area there is a returning native, the Blanket Flower, some experts say this flower hasn’t been seen in the mountains in 50 years. (Overcrowded forest had pushed it out). There is still some localized flooding, nothing like the ones that produced the massive fish kills of ‘03, but enough to keep homes in danger. Fish populations are on the rise (from almost zero) and beaver are moving into the upper reaches of the fire. We are starting to see some natural seeding; that is the grasses that were planted have gone to seed and are starting the slow process of spreading out. Weeds have come to the top of everyone’s most wanted lists, because they are choking out the new grasses. The US Forest Service had a set back. The tree seedlings contracted a fungus in the nursery, the survivors were quickly planted. New seeds are being collected next week to start the growing process all over again.

In the Green: we are still helping homeowners create defensible space through CUSP’s free/donation chipper program. We’re looking for groups who can help disabled and elderly people stack their slash. We have started hiking and horse trail rehab. This is hard work! If you hike and are interested in helping take a look at our web site, www.uppersouthplatte.net (http://www.uppersouthplatte.net/) Go to community center, then go to volunteering click on Burning Bear trail.

A big Thanks to all of you who have helped in the past. Volunteers are the heart of America—thank you for being inspiring role models.

Theresa Springer

Education Outreach Coordinator.

A Healthy Watershed - Now and in the Future

"Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing." ~Theodore Roosevelt

09-26-2005, 05:08 PM
Thanks for posting this!

09-26-2005, 11:55 PM
I just wanna know when were going to get back up there with our trucks. That was fun(even if I wasnt drivin).