View Full Version : 99 Durango Edelbrock Shocks

08-28-2006, 12:47 PM
Call me a pack rat, but I hate to fill up land fills with anything that is useable :)

That said, anyone need or know someone that needs 3 Edelbrock shocks for a 99 Dodge Durango? They are the Performer IAS shocks and the Edelbrock site (see below) states they fit 98-03 models. They were on my 99 SLT+ 4x4. They are red with the black boot.

The front driver's side shock blew out after less than a year on the truck. Edelbrock wouldn't warranty the shock so I said screw them and rather than spending $100 on just one shock, I went out and bought some Ranchos. Anyway, the other 3 shocks (front passenger and both rears) are in fine shape. Maybe someone out there with a Durango and Edelbrocks will want these as spares to avoid the cost of having to buy new. Like I said, these were on my Durango for less than a year and only saw city driving.

Make me an offer and they're yours! Otherwise they go out with the trash. Shipping would be from 80126. I can get pics if anyone wants to see them but shocks are shocks...

http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/mc/shocks/shocks_main.shtml (http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/mc/shocks/shocks_main.shtml)

http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/mc/shocks/shock_app_chart-2.shtml (http://www.edelbrock.com/automotive_new/mc/shocks/shock_app_chart-2.shtml)