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11-15-2013, 11:33 AM
With the recent accidents I thought that I'd dig this forum up from Mud:

Page #2 (post 21): http://forum.ih8mud.com/80-series-tech/570718-ih8mud-i-need-your-help-2.html

Here's a copy of a letter I used with a friend once long ago (came from another Mudder-thanks whoever you were!) - and it got him double the initial value for the car that he got hit in - remember insurance values are a negotiation process, not you being told "take it or leave it" - people have more power than they generally realize & the insurance companies try to distort the truth of that useing the language they do, like they have the power they represent in the verbage of the letters they send - bottom line, if you don't accept their valuation, you can escalate to the point going to court if need be. And since you're just going to let it scrap out & take a check, it should be for the very best you can get - remember all the cash you paid them over the last few months/years - they took your money, now it's time to fufill their contractual agreement - and it's going to cost some real money. They don't let you negotiate the premiums, why should they negotiate the value of your 80?

Here's the letter:

First write (no phone calls) a letter indicating you chose their company because you felt they offered a good deal on insurance. Next point out the reason for insurance is to replace what you have lost (many insurance companies forget this when the eye is on profit and not service), and last but not least and highlight the following sentence:

"To whom it may concern, please do NOT send me any money in recognition of my claim (insert claim number here), instead you the company can use the money to buy me a replacement vehicle. The replacement vehicle should be the same color, year, mileage, lockers, service history ect (you fill in the rest car-car). I would ask you to then deliver the vehicle to my home address as soon as possible again saving me time, effort and of course money in finding the vehicle myself. In the event that you manage to fulfill my request you will have demonstrated that your present offer (enter amount offered here) is a fair one and you truly are a reputable company and your offer was in fact a valid one.

In the event that you cannot carry out my request then either a) submit a more realistic offer or b) explain to my lawyers why (insert lawyers name and address here).

I look forward to a positive response.

Many thanks

11-15-2013, 01:30 PM
What sucks is they use the leverage of your lack of vehicle against you. Here is your settlement offer now return your rental car as we have processed your claim.

When my 40 got totaled it took 6 months to settle. I eventually got a pretty good check but I was able to get by without what was my daily driver.

Then of coarse there is that bump in premium that follows soon after as your suddenly a high risk.

IH8INS Companies. :rant:

11-15-2013, 08:17 PM
When I totaled the Dodge after CM I dealt with that too. They had made their offer so I had 3 days to accept or remove the truck from storage and return the rental car. I had the room to store the truck and had another car to drive so no problem.

It took me 2+ months going back and forth explaining all the parts and additions I made to the truck. Receipts send in pictures of other parts I had no receipts for and labor. By waiting and playing it cool I got nearly $5k more. Ended up buying the truck and selling it for more so all in all financially it was good but I had rather had them fix it.