View Full Version : Housing Conifer/Indian Hills/Evergreen

01-09-2014, 02:43 PM
Hi all,

I know that a bunch of our crew live up in the hills.....

My wife and have looked at a few homes up there and I have 2 major questions.

Has anyone recently purchased up there (in the trees not necesarily in the townships or city)?

If so, who did you get your homeowners insurance through, and is it redculously expensive?

We have found a couple of homes we like but they appear to be "uninsurable" which in our case means no mortgage.

An other tips/comments about life in the trees are welcome

01-09-2014, 07:55 PM
I haven't heard of anyone (yet) having major issues getting insured up here. There are some things like shake shingle roofs that are red flags, but nothing about trees being on the property. My insurance is expensive, but we're covered and didn't have any issues getting it and our yard and neighborhood are loaded with trees. I made sure to provide proof that we had a metal roof, a yard with good mitigation and distances to rural fire stations, etc. I use Travelers Ins.