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01-09-2014, 11:26 PM
Any recommendations on 4.5" right-angle grinders? I have some Harbor Freight cheapies, but want a single good one. There are a lot in the $60 range - Metabo, Hitachi, Bosch. I didn't see Makita being sold at Home Depot, Lowes, or Sears. I don't need a pro-grade one, just one that will last and not get blazing hot during use. A push-button lock on the spindle would be nice, too.

Thanks! - Steve

01-10-2014, 12:49 AM
I have a Dewalt and a Harbor Freight angle grinder. They both work well.

01-10-2014, 04:05 AM
I have a makita. Works great! & we use a hitachi at work. It's got a bit more juice so it'll get away from you easier if you doze off.

01-10-2014, 06:41 AM
I've had a Milwaukee 6148 for close to 20 years, been very happy with it. If I had to do it now I'd likely get it's replacement, the 6146. Doesn't meet your price requirement, though I'm not sure I would call it a pro grade tool necessarily. Just one that is well made and you can rebuild over and over. Mine was U.S.-made, although back then that wasn't as uncommon.

01-10-2014, 07:36 AM
Great suggestions - Thanks!

01-10-2014, 07:05 PM
I have a $60 Makita that I've been using with a flapper for 3 years building product. Its been great. I've got a $10 Harbor Freight that I've had for 10 years and it works just fine too. I leave a cut off disc on that one.

For home use probably anything will do just fine. Just pick one that has the switch design you like and start grinding.:thumb:

01-10-2014, 07:55 PM
What Corbet said: two grinders is very handy.

Harbor Freight with paddle switch for flapper disc & wire wheel. Higher RPM cheapy (slide lock switch) for cut off wheel- can't remember the name...maybe Black & Decker. Both have been heavily used and are still going strong after 5+ years

01-16-2014, 10:36 PM
Metabo, EW E 9 125 S Quick, Variable Speed, 3000-10,000 rpm. 4 1/2-5". Made in Germany. 5/8"-11 spindle. 7.5 amps. I really like the quick change arbor and spindle lock, positive and without slop. And the guard design is easy to keep out of the way. The variable speed is beneficial for sanding. A very well designed tool. My next choice would be Makita.