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01-13-2014, 11:04 AM
Consideration of these started in another thread, but I figured I'd post up a new one in case anyone wants to search it at a later date.

Harrop 4wd is a company in Australia, and they produce elockers for cruisers and Taco's/4runners.


I emailed back and forth with them. Obviously, the real interest here is for those of us with IFS rigs, as the 80's came with nice high pinion lockers that fit in any 8" toyota axle.

It does look like the pre 2005 Hilux had the same 7.5" reverse rotation IFS diff, driver drop, as do the 96-2002 4Runners, and -2004 tacomas. 2003+ Runners and 2005+ Tacomas I did not ask about, but I would assume a similar compatibility. You would want to check first.

100's and 80's appear to the the same US and Non US. Again, you would want to verify before purchase.

So, that all sounded awesome, and I was pumped. However, for my 4runner (99), the locker is 1335 (USD), plus freight from down under. That does not include gears, so you would then have to have the diff set up (or do it yourself) with the gears of your choice, once you received the locker.

ARB Air Lockers, as an example, are around 900, give or take, depending on sales and where you buy. Add into that another 150 or so for the smallest compressor, and you are at 1050, or about 300 dollars cheaper than this e locker, not including shipping on either one.

So, in both cases, the price seems to be the base for the bare locker, and you have (I assume), the same set up costs on both, but that may be shop dependent. The Air locker requires running lines in the diff, so it may be slightly more, not sure. Also not sure how the elocker compares in set up time. That would be something to consider.

So, that is the skinny on these. It will come down to whether or not you want to avoid air, and having leaks, which are always a possibility with the Air Lockers (or their equivalent). For an extra 300, plus shipping, you can have an electric locking front diff and no air lines.

I think its pretty cool, but I'm just posting this as an informational thread for anyone interested. I'm not advocating one over the other.

01-13-2014, 12:01 PM
From what I've read, these Harrop E Lockers engage/disengage very quickly. How that compares to the almost instantaneous action of air lockers, I'm not sure.