View Full Version : 2013 Off Road Trailer

Ray 2014
02-20-2014, 07:55 AM
Custom built off road trailer
Fully licence and title
3x3 steel frame on custom tube axle with dana 44 spindles, 6 lug.
On new 35" tires and chevy wagon wheels converted to bead locks
Bead locks not shown in pictures
Box is 2x12 solid wood on floor and sides, liquid nailed and lag bolted.
Trailer top is 4 ' x 5 ' , box is 4 x 4 foot.
I kept it small to get into hard tight places.
All wood is sealed to hold out moisture.
Top unfolds to hold a 7 x 8 foot tent.
I sold my Jeep and my new 09 Taco has a bed, so no longer need the trailer.
I got $2500.00 in materials in the build, asking $2250.00