View Full Version : WTB Transfer Case Brake Pieces from 78-80 Drum

03-07-2014, 09:18 AM
Hurdle number 3,758 in rebuilding my 79' at this point I probably would have been better off building a 40 piece by piece. Anyway went to put a new cable and seal in the parking brake on my transfer case brake last night and behold everything is missing inside! so I am searching for parts this morning and found out once again my later model makes it hard to find some stuff. #17 and 18 in the picture are 78-80 specific evidently and those are the parts I need unless you want to sell me the whole thing. May even buy a transfer case off someone if its the right year as a back up. Let me know what you have. Also maybe looking for some cardans if anyone has one or 2. Thanks, Steve. Can't wait to get this thing going. Getting so close.