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09-13-2006, 11:28 PM
Matt sent me two copies of Colorado High Trails. I have heard that there were several Rising Sun folks involved in getting them. I appreciate all of your efforts. It is a big deal for me seeing my rig in print, especially when it isn't sitting next to a curb. And a cover, whew! I never imagined such a thing no matter how small or large the publication.

Also, without all you putting on the great event in Moab there would be no cover shot or any other Moab shots of my Cruiser. I appreciate all that you do as a club to make attendees vacations very memorable.

I'm hating life thinking that I'll miss out on all the fun in 2007. Maybe I should just quit my job? I wish that were an option.

Anyway, I just wanted to say THANKS again!

Eric V.

Shark Bait
09-14-2006, 12:33 AM
You deserved it Eric!! :thumb:

Yeah. Quit your job and lead trail runs in Moab for a living. :eek:

Just kidding. :D