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05-16-2014, 03:26 PM
Hi RS,

I wanted to give all the RS members a heads up we're holding a fundrasier tomorrow Saturday May 17, from 2-5 at Buckingham Park in Gunbarrel (see flyer for address).

Back in April someone sprinkled rat poison laced meatballs on the gound at this park and my dog Gybz (pronounced Gibbs) along with two other dogs ate one. The story has been on the news and very high profile.

Gybz has been through quite the ordeal and seems to be recovering, but it was touch and go for a few weeks. The police are treating this as a felony investigation because of the inherent risk to the people and animals that frequent the park. In any case, we're trying to raise money for the reward for the arrest and conviction of the culprit or culprits. As of today the reward is $4500. We're hoping to see that jump up over $10K by tomorrow.

I hope some of you can be there and show some support. Having a big turnout will help keep this story in the news.

Thanks, John Glidden
email me at FriendsofBuckinghamPark@comcast.net

05-16-2014, 07:25 PM
Thanks for the info. WIl drop by. I don't understand how people can do something like that.

05-19-2014, 05:00 PM
Good for you guys! Sorry I missed that. I heard about that, and, as I take my dog to boulder area dog parks frequently, I was pissed.

I am VERY sorry for your pup's trials, and I hope he or she recovers fully. I would have been insane had my dog gotten ill.

I would have opted for running the jackass down in my truck....but this is obviously the better solution.

I hope he is caught, and I'm glad the police are taking this seriously. I hate the fact that most animal abuse cases are not treated with much care at all. Animals often are more the victims than humans because they cannot get out or run away. And there is no shrink for animals who get rescued, so they are simply frightened and anxious for far too long.

Anyway, rant off, best of luck. I hope this guy gets whats coming to him.

05-21-2014, 12:38 AM
Hi Everyone,

Our Fundraiser was by all accounts a big success. We had about 100 people attend, approximately 40 dogs and an orange cat who seemed unafraid of all the dogs running around!

Once we got the OK from the HOA where the park is located, my wife put all this together in about a week. She did an amazing job wrangling donations from several dozen businesses, including Avery, Lefthand, Whole Foods, Luckys Market, Jax, and a bunch of pet related businesses. Their donations were raffled off, silent auctioned, etc. In total we raised more than $3,000 dollars. My wife even got local TV news and print coverage lined up!!

We're not sure what the probability of catching the bad guy is, but we're hoping to get the reward up to about $10K (we're at about $8,500 now). If in the future we decide to let it go, we'll just donate the money to the Longmont and Boulder Humane Societies.

For now, we're still raising funds and have stuff left over to auction, sell etc. I'll try to post that up later. In the meantime, if anyone wants to reach us, they can email us at FriendsofBuckinghamPark@comcast.net

We're also accepting donations by mail at Friends of Buckingham Park, PO Box 11133, Boulder, CO 80301.

Thanks again for the good thoughts. Gybz (Pronounced Gibbs - 6 year old Chocolate Lab) is on the mend and expected to make a full recovery.

I know about a million people who'd like to find this bad guy and make him eat rat poison meatballs!

Cheers, John